Returning to Official Zotero

If you inadvertently install Multilingual Zotero (MLZ), or if you simply wish to return to the official Zotero client, the steps below will restore your database to the official Zotero format, with your data intact.

  1. Assure that the MLZ client is fully synced. Confirm the account details in the Sync tab of MLZ preferences.
  2. Locate your Zotero data directory, following the instructions provided on
  3. Quit Firefox.
  4. Rename the database file zotero.sqlite (to something like zotero.sqlite.reverted-mlz.bak).
  5. Find the latest backup copy of the original Zotero database in the Zotero data directory. It will have a filename containing a two-digit number, similar to zotero.sqlite.77.bak. Copy it to zotero.sqlite.
  6. Start Firefox. When the popup offering to upgrade the Zotero database appears, press “Cancel”.
  7. Visit and install the official Zotero client
  8. Open the Sync tab of Zotero preferences, and be sure that the account details are set correctly.
  9. Run sync.
  10. Choose the remote version for any sync conflicts.

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