Multilingual Zotero: Fixes of the Fortnight

Official Zotero added syncing of full text index tables this week. Today, MLZ follows suit: we are now level with Zotero version 4.0.14. That’s the main news, but there have been a few other bugfixes to MLZ in the past two weeks, which are summarised below. Most are related to multilingual functionality, which is starting to attract the attention of style developers.

Multilingual Zotero

Zotero 4.0.14 release
Merge recent Zotero changes through the version 4.0.14 release. The displayed version of MLZ has been amended to reflect the current official Zotero release on which it is based.
Sync mappings
Two small changes catch a potential sync error and a sync failure. A missing field mask for websiteTitle for the videoRecording type has been added; and a sync mapping for testimonyBy on the hearing type has been added.
Language preferences
Document language preferences were failing for publisher and place. This has been fixed.


Terms in multilingual sort keys
Sort keys were being generated with the default locale of the style always. To get a correct sort in multi-layout styles, terms from the layout’s master locale (instead of the global default locale) must be used. Thanks to Ming-Li Wang for diagnosing the problem.
Automatic CSL-m mode
Force CSL-m mode on valid CSL-m styles (i.e. those with version 1.1mlz1).
Fix title-short outside of MLZ
In MLZ, the content of the Short Title field is ignored when <text variable=”title” form=”short”/> is used on the legal_case type. This is what we want in MLZ, but it violates the official CSL schema. The behaviour has been rectified for official CSL styles run outside of MLZ.
Test of genre field content
To resolve an MLZ-specific issue relating to localisation of the email, interview, podcast, radio-broadcast, and television-broadcast types, a test for content automatically inserted into the genre field by these types has been added to the CSL-m schema, and implemented in the processor.
Labels on nested name elements
The processor was quashing the labels on names elements nested within a macro. This has been fixed.
Redundant calls to substituteStart() and substituteEnd()
The processor was adding redunant calls to substituteStart() and substituteEnd() on macro blocks. There were no known side-effects, but the unnecessary calls have been removed.
Multilingual supplement affixes
A bug that erroneously trimmed the suffix on the style element when a multilingual element with affixes is added has been fixed.
Add default-locale-sort attribute (CSL-m only)
CSL-m styles with multiple locale-specific layouts require a global setting for the sort locale. The new attribute supplies this value and the processor makes use of it.
Sort fixes
There were some infelicities in the processor’s sort function. These have been fixed.
Recognize full stops inside quotes for term capitalisation purposes, and leading full stops on a prefix for delimiter purposes.
Greek entries
Extend the pattern match used for converting names to initials to cover Greek names. The family of recognised Greek characters has also been extended.
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