Multilingual Zotero: Our Week in Code

MLZ users may have noticed a flurry of updates to the client during the past week, with fixes
for a number of long-standing bugs, and extensions to allow smoother operation with several
styles and workflows. Here’s a run-down of the adjustments.


Fix name-as-sort-order=”first”
With institutional names, name-as-sort-order=”first” was being applied independently to each set of personal names before each institution. The processor will now apply the attribute only to the first-occurring name. Thanks to user mlwang for reporting this fault.
Localise symbolic form of “and” in names
User and style developer mlwang uncovered the need for a local form of symbolic “and” (ampersand) in styles using Asian scripts. A localised term has been added to CSL-m locales, and the processor now calls it in MLZ.
Control for double-spaces before leading apostrophe
The processor was throwing a double-space before a leading apostrophe, reported by user johndd. Now fixed.
Abbreviation hints
Abbreviation hints are appropriate to the titles of legal item types, but were being applied to the titles of ordinary items as well, where they are not desired. Hints now apply only to the legal types. Fault reported by user mlwang.
Support Japanese imperial dates
For a Japanese legal citation style in development, it proved necessary to render (modern) imperial dates from Gregorian date source. An extension to CSL-m was has been introduced for this purpose.
Parallel merge constraints
The merging of parallel cites was over-aggressive. Merge is now avoided where Short Title or Jurisdiction differ between the items. Fault reported by user jack.orford.
Greek name handling
Conversion of Greek given names to initialised form was failing. Fault reported by user zoyiap.
Title case
The code behind text-case=”title” had become excessively complex. It’s been simplified, and a list of “stop-words” prepared by adamsmith for the CSL development group has been adapted to the function. Capitalisation is now performed consistently following colon, exclamation point and question mark.

Multilingual Zotero

Items with more than 10 authors
Yesterday I discovered that MLZ would crash if ten or more authors were set on an item. This has been fixed.
Creator move up/down
The move up/move down selections in the left-click author label menu had no effect. This has now been fixed, and moves are working again.
Avoid possible tag conflict on save
MLZ user duncdrum reported a sync failure caused by an attempt to save an already-existing tag. The steps to reproduce the error are not known, but code has been introduced into MLZ to render it harmless.
Sync error on Hearing type
The Testimony By creator field was not being stored correctly for sync operations. Error and its cause identified by user mlwang.
Add US bankruptcy courts to the Jurisdiction pool
The machine-readable identifiers underlying the Jurisdiction field are a more certain way to generate court and jurisdiction hints in formatted citations. As the need arises, this “pool” of identifiers is being extended. US bankruptcy courts and several other jurisdictions (including the former USSR) were added to the pool.
Interview and Letter in UI
The interviewer name or the sender was favoured in the centre panel listing. Preference is now given to the interviewee and the recipient.
Jurisdiction for Journal Article
In civil law jurisdictions, published comments on court judgments are a well-recognised category of content, with discrete citation formatting requirements. Adding the Jurisdiction field to this item type allows us to handle this type of material correctly in citation styles.
Recipient for Book and Book Section
Adding a Recipient creator to these types allows proper formatting of festschrift volumes and chapter contributions.
Volume Title for Book and Book Section
This field has been proposed in CSL discussions. A clear need for it emerged in casting a Japanese legal style, where kouza and commentary volumes carry the “set” name as their primary title, supplemented with volume numbers and separate titles for individual volumes.
Merge latest changes from Zotero 4.0 official branch to MLZ
This is a routine thing, to keep us level with Zotero 4.0.
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