Multilingual Zotero: update for Firefox 24 + American Law Style

This is just a brief community announcement.

Early this week, I started getting a error when attempting to set the American Law style in a word processor document. The “cause” turned out to be an upgrade to Firefox 24: in version 23 the style was loading just fine. The log files showed the failure as a recursion error — too many nested operations for the JavaScript interpreter to handle.

After some poking around in the style, I concluded that there was no easy solution there, and I began doing background reading in preparation for filing a bug report to the Firefox team. That turned up a telling comment (or two) to the effect that any code that throws a recursion error against a production browser unquestionably has “serious problems”. The JavaScript intepreter was giving up the game in a code loop that builds the “running” version of the style, and it does rely on recursion. I hadn’t touched this code in nearly four years — I struggled with it in the early work on the citeproc-js, and it would be fair to say that I didn’t particularly know what I was doing in there.

That’s the embarrassing bit. The brighter news is that I spent today rewriting that bit of code, and it’s turned out rather well. I’ve bundled up the revised CSL processor and installed in in a fresh release of MLZ, so if you are an American Law style (aka Bluebook) user, you should be able to avoid any issues by updating the client.

Apologies for any inconvenience — we will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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