MLZ: new logos on “old Paint” [1]

MLZ Button Logo

With the kind forebearance of the core Zotero development team, MLZ has been running for several years with minimal markers to distinguish it from the main project. With low visibility and a small initial user community, the risk of confusion with official Zotero was pretty small. Now that the MLZ book is out, our community is likely to grow somewhat, and this seems a good time to make some further changes to the surface look of the program.

As current users are already aware, the distinction between the two projects is important when it comes to support. The code of MLZ is updated from time to time to keep it level with the current stable release of Zotero, but it contains a good deal of code that I have written myself. This by itself is not a problem, because both MLZ and Zotero are issued under the same open-source licence (the AGPL). But the core team have not reviewed the MLZ code in detail, and can’t reasonably be called upon to take time out to debug code that they didn’t write. Giving the program some distinctive markers is one way to help to forestall that expectation.

Apart from the new bling, the latest release adopts numerous changes from the latest Zotero 4.0 release, irons out some small issues relating to multilingual citations, and fixes an MLZ-specific sync bug that could trigger large numbers of false conflicts when upgrading.

I hope you enjoy the new look: and if you don’t, please feel free to improve upon it!

[1] For the benefit of overseas readers and those under the age of fifty, “Old Paint” is a slang term for the well-tempered workhorse around the farm—not much to look at, but reliable in time of need.
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