MLZ: Improvement to Language Preferences

MLZ Language Prefs

The latest release of MLZ (4.0m377), incorporates a couple of long-pending usability fixes. The more significant of the two is shown in the illustration to the right. Previously, the Titles language control widget applied to both the main title of the cited work, and the name of a containing journal or volume. With this change, the Titles widget will apply to the main title only: use the Journals widget for all other title-like portions of your citations. This change was requested by Nicolas Pinet back in January, in connection with a presentation he had coming up at the Maison Franco-Japonaise in Tokyo. I was lazy, and time slipped past—until now, when a presentation of my own, coming up at the end of this month, has forced me to face up to the need for the change. And so, with apologies to Nicolas and others who have been inconvenienced in the interim, here are the goods.

MLZ Item with Title

The second change has been to enable multiline display of titles in the item Info panel as shown to the right. I’m not sure how mainstream Zotero handles the title field, but in MLZ the truncation of titles to a single line has been bothering me for some time: I prefer to be able to take in the whole thing at a glance, without redundantly opening the field for editing just to see what’s in it. I’m happier with the new behaviour, but if you have a different opinion, feel free to get in touch: there is more than one way to skin a field.

I’ve rolled these changes out in anticipation of the first full gathering of Code4Lib Japan, to be held August 31 and September 1 in Minami-Sanriku, Miyagi Prefecture. My own bit will be limited to a lightning talk, but it will be my first techie librarian conference, and I’m really looking forward to it. This will also be my first visit to north-east Japan, where human resilience is being put to a hard test. With that thought in mind, here is a song in lieu of conclusion.

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