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The next featured site in our local MLZ site translator festival is, which one of our finalists points out is the go-to source for official instruments of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is remarkable to me for the similarity of climate between the Fergana Valley and that of my native Northern California. The bazaars of Tashkent, with honey and almonds on prominent display, never fail to bring back my NorCal accent (in which almond is pronounced properly, with a silent “l“) — although English of any flavour is of limited use here (in the law as in the markets). On the other hand (and again relevant to law) haggling skills would be unwelcome in the rather more rarified atmosphere of the superstores that now dominate the landscape back home …

Uzbek statute

Registration is required for site access. The signup is free of charge, and the initial login sets a persistent cookie in the browser. The link circled in red in the screenshot above opens the advanced search page. A content sample is shown to the right. The site itself is quite orderly, with explicit markup of the main metadata elements, but there are two inter-related wrinkles that slightly complicated the construction of the translator: the presentation of content in alternative Uzbek and Russian versions; and the listing of revision history as a plain string (the red text in the screenshot to the right).

Happily, the details in the revision history strings have a consistent and relatively simple structure. The translator parses these out (accounting for both Uzbek- and Russian-style labels in the elements), and generates a separate MLZ item for each revision step, attaching the full-text screenshot to the earliest (the original enactment). The amending acts themselves are not available via the system, but citations generated from the revision history refer to the official compendia, from which these can be obtained.

In this initial version, the translator covers only individual instruments: the download icon does not appear on search listings. Before that is activated, provision will need to be made for automatically retrieving Uzbek versions of instruments that have only a placeholder in Russian search listings. The placeholder pages do provide a cross-link, but code will need to be added to step through the link and rerun the page scrape.

For those interested, here is the translator code.

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