Multilingual Zotero update: bugfixes and merge of latest Zotero 4.0 code

It has been a busy month chez Multilingual Zotero. I am happy to announce a fresh release of the MLZ client (4.0m351). This release incorporates recent changes to the Zotero 4.0 branch. Bugfixes done by your humble correspondent fall into two categories: fixes to MLZ proper; and fixes to the CSL processor. The latter are shared by other projects, including the real Zotero. Here’s a summary of that activity:

MLZ fixes

  • A bug in MLZ duplicates detection was returning a huge number of false positive (fixed)
  • Adjustments to CSL field mappings in MLZ
  • The version field on the document item type triggered an error in MLZ sync (fixed)
  • RTF Scan was producing incorrect bibliographies in AGM SIG-CHI and some other styles (fixed)
  • New creators were showing “null” as the name in MLZ (fixed)
  • MLZ list of CSL locales as incomplete, did not show all locales, and was non-functional (fixed)
  • Abbreviations were being proposed for book titles in chapter type entries (fixed in MLZ and Abbreviation Filter)

CSL processor fixes

  • Coding changes to address the abbreviation issue mentioned above
  • Provide a mapping to human-readable CSL locale names
  • Add some words to the title-case capitalisation skip-list
  • Processor was not properly defaulting to by-cite disambiguation (fixed)
  • The page variable was not recognised in is-numeric tests (fixed)
  • Test of title-short field was failing (fixed)
  • Complete rewrite of conditional evaluation code (no change in behaviour)
  • Implement incremental application of disambiguate=”true”
  • Fix a bug in the new rebuildProcessorState() function
  • The first character of terms was being capitalised in in-text citations (fixed)
  • Delimiters were lost on adjacent number nodes (fixed)

There are some significant items in these lists: many thanks to users who took the time to report. It is heartening that the pace of fixes in MLZ and the processor is slowing. We’ll see what turns up when the upcoming MLZ book is released, and our population of MLZ users grows a bit more.

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One Response to Multilingual Zotero update: bugfixes and merge of latest Zotero 4.0 code

  1. Andris says:

    Perfect – now LV locale shows up and I can start working on my thesis :)
    One very minor bug – radio buttons and checkboxes in the Languages tab are flattened in KDE (pic: Not that I care about it, but if there’s an easy fix…

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