MLZ: progress on jurisdictions

After the latest MLZ upgrade, I began pulling my own library into order, and found the jurisdiction dropdown menu to be cumbersome to work with. I also noticed that the entire US federal court system was missing from the menu.

As the volume of jurisdiction specifiers can be expected to grow considerably, I’ve implemented a new interface that can cope with the load. Jurisdictions are now selected via a search-as-you-type interface, borrowing code that Zotero uses for tag and creator entry. The data behind the interface is stored in SQL and fully indexed, so the volume of data should have no significant impact on usability going forward.

In the course of making the changes, I changed the structure of the JSON list of jurisdictions that I posted abut back in July. The refactored object has a cleaner nested structure, and would lend itself to expression in XML. If that were done, the list could easily be remangled with XSLT to provide a human-readable quick-reference list of codes on the Web. GitHub Pages provides nice support for that, which Aurimas Vinckevicius has used to publish field assignment descriptions for Zotero (repo). It works well and it’s flexible — I’ve adapted his code to do the same for MLZ (repo).

I don’t have an immediate need for a pretty-printed jurisdiction/URN:LEX listing myself, but it could be done with a small amount of work. If someone with XSLT skills and a stake in promoting clean metadata for legal materials would like to take on the task, I will be happy to offer write access to the jurisdictions repo.


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