@Zotero 4 Law: updates available. Now on the home stretch.

I have rounded out the work on multimedia cite forms, and have begun chipping away at the remaining cite forms with the addition of “map”. The progress can be viewed in the Proofsheets area.

There now just six citation types left to define in the project: hearing, report, and treaty (as legal types); and manuscript, looseleaf and presentation. The plan will be to pick the low-hanging fruit of the non-legal types first, and then dig into the more delicate task of finishing out the jurisdiction-dependent legal cite forms. If the work proceeds as expected, I should be able to finish this initial round of work on the styles by the end of the month, leaving just 90 days to concentrate on the manuscript proper.

Very much looking forward to cresting the coding mountain. This has been a long hard slog.

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