Multilingual Zotero test release (2.1.m10665)

As the scramble to get the experimental multilingual Zotero client bashed into shape seems to have settled into a groove, I’ll start announcing test releases here.

The current release (2.1m10665), which went live a couple of minutes ago, fixes a bug in translation that would have broken many translators. For a recent fix to multilingual import and export, I set up to check for multilingual creator data in the translation machinery. When that was missing (which would be true for most sites), any item with creator data would give an error. This has been fixed with this release. If you have experienced translation breakage, please update and see if that solves the problem.

This release also upgrades the citeproc-js processor. The main change there is a small rearrangement of the abbreviation list segments, to be a bit smarter about the abbreviation of institution names. This is relevant only if you are testing the Abbreviations Gadget plugin. I’ll post a separate note about work on that plugin shortly.

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