Abbreviations Gadget available

The first working draft of the Zotero Abbreviations Gadget is now available for trials. This code exercises features that have not previously been run in the wild, although much of the code has been been lying dormant in citeproc-js for over a year. Consider this a testing release: some things are not quite satisfactory, and some things (such as the composition of the list of target variables) may change. So test aggressively, but don’t rely on this for production until it’s been through a round or two of feedback.

The interface is largely self-explanatory once you find it, but a few things might not be immediately obvious. Abbreviation lists are tied to styles, and stored in a persistent database. The full list is not shown; the displayed lists contain only entries relevant to the current document. Some further work is needed here — you’ll find that lists are not cleared when moving across documents (and, I think, across styles, which will be fixed soon).

Exported lists contain the entire accumulated database content for the current style, in JSON format. CSV would be convenient, but will not be supported in the short term, at least, unless someone can provide a reliable import parser. It’s a harder problem than it looks: there are many flavors of CSV, and an import parser would need to cope with all or at least most of them.

The last announcement prompted a call for screenshots, so here are a few of those:

Citation add/edit with Abbreviations View option

Abbreviations listing itself

Document showing abbreviated text in citation

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