[Ver. 4.0.26m512, 1 March 2015]
[Ver. 1.0.200, 26 February 2015]

This is the home of Multilingual Zotero (MLZ), a variant of the well-known Zotero reference manager that adds support for legal and multilingual research and writing. Full documentation on installing and configuring MLZ is available in the book-length guide Citations, Out of the Box by Frank Bennett.

If you are unsure whether MLZ is for you, here is what makes it unique:

Field variants
Transliterations, translations and sort keys can be assigned to individual item fields, for flexible inclusion in citations. The language tagging scheme covers all known languages of the world, and entries declared to be in a right-to-left language such as Arabic, Hebrew, Pashto or Persian are correctly presented in RTL mode, both for display and for editing.
Uniform legal styles
Six mutually-compatible legal styles offer broad support for legal writing in four jurisdictions (Canada [both English and French], Great Britain, New Zealand, and the United States [following uniform legal style conventions or Chicago Manual of Style]). The MLZ legal styles are rigorously tested to assure that items will produce predictable results across all styles in the suite.
Extended CSL
MLZ recognises an extended version of the Citation Style Language with enhanced features for legal and multilingual citation support. To support known citation needs, MLZ also provides an extended set of item types and item fields.


– Frank Bennett, 23 November 2013

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